Corporate Events

  • Nutritional education talks and healthy samples
  • Buffet and business lunches
  • Meetings
  • Large annual/quarterly events
Why not stand out from the corporate crowd this year “plant fuelled foods”

Hi Vibe Nutrition
Meals Deliverd​
Satisfied Clients
Happy Families​
Hi Vibe Nutrition

Gym & Yoga Studio Catering

  • Any events any parties
  • Home cooked food for every occasion
  • We can also support your clients nutritional needs helping to maximise client results


Hot Food Counter & Soup Kitchen

  • We provide a range of delicious hot pots, stews, curry’s, chillies and much more
  • Perfect for business lunch, events and family gatherings

Hi Vibe Nutrition
Hi Vibe Nutrition

Healthy Shots Bar

“Plant Fuelled Love”

  • Your colleagues will go crazy for our healthy shots bar, its a great fun way an opportunity for them to interact and to fill them will concentrated shots of healthy goodness, watch them come to life and be filled with energy.
  • We have 5 fun flavours to enjoy see our shots menu.