Meal Prep & Juice Cleanses

We are pleased to say we are classed as an essential business and will be staying open throughout this pandemic to offer you the highest vibration in nutritional health food and juices and want to assure you we are taking every precaution to keep our facility at the highest standard.

We are Hi Vibe Nutrition

Welcome to Hi Vibe Nutrition we are a 100% plant based meal prep company offering fresh home cooked food made consciously with love for your nourishment and dietary needs we have over 60 delicious meal choices for you to enjoy combining breakfast lunch and tea with healthy snacks and freshly made juices on offer too all delivered straight to your door

Let us take care of the planning shopping chopping and cooking and deliver delicious and nutritious plant based food straight to your door

*Feed the family in 5 minutes
*Reduce Your Carbon Foot Print
*Aim for extraordinary health :options for active people, detox and weight loss, and those with sensitive tummies
*No Aminals were harmed in the making of this food

About Us

Our Mission Statement
To help people live a better life with  energy and vitality to do the things they love to do so they can live the life they want to live
Hi vibe nutrition “raising your vibration & living life to the FULLest
We use only food from the earth lovingly prepared to offer you delicious mouth watering flavours packed full with nutrients.  I know how important food is to your well being.  In my experience following a healthy clean plant based diet produced life changing results.  Helping me feel more empowered in my life and giving me that health glow and zest for life so I want to share that with the world.  Its never been easier to enjoy health fresh plant fuelled food on the go just follow the 3 simple steps

About Founder Claire Cockburn

My name is Claire Cockburn i am the founder of Hi Vibe Nutrition and I am also the founder of Rawfullygood4u another plant based juice cleanse and detox company which i set up 4 years ago after an extensive world tour studying nutrition and the healing arts. I first started offering detox programs and juice cleanses to help people increase there energy and vitality and support weight management, then i expanded into food plans and opened my first shop in liverpool as i wanted to be able to offer affordable convenient healthy fresh food for as many people as possible.    I was one of the first plant based shops in liverpool and its so exciting to see more and more places opening up that are offering healthy nourishing foods its been an amazing journey so far and the community is growing stronger. 
My mission has always been to help people improve the quality of there life in anyway possibly.  Im also a kundalini yoga instructor, a breath work coach and shamanic practitioner and i run retreats and workshops that also help facilitate transformation in many different ways.  ive always found that the food we eat is the biggest support system we have as this gives us the energy and vitality we need to do all this things in our life that we love to do and want to do.  If we dont have enough sustenance then we are not going to function at our optimum thats why i have created hi vibe nutrition as another support system for you that can help you live a better life, it not only offers you optimum nutrition it gives you more time to do the things you love to do and gives you the energy to do it .
As Hippocrates says let thy medicine be thy food and thy food be thy medicine 

It's never been easier to enjoy home cooked healthy fresh plant based food.


Meal Plan Options

Due to current resources and shopping situations we will be offering one delicious menu weekly of freshly prepared food which we can taylor for each menu choice of plant love, plant power and gluten free so please make your selection and we will ensure your meal plan is providing your with all your nutritional needs

Plant Love

Weight management and healthy living

Plant Power

High performance and active lifestyle

Digestive Support

Gluten free for sensitive people

Juice Cleanse Options

Rejuice & Replenish

this cleanse is perfect for a reset and a reboot, this is our most popular cleanse and perfect if your new to juicing and if you juice cleanse regularly, giving you a super boost of nutritents whilst cleansing and restoring your system and aiding in weight management
“Life is for living, so live it to the fullest”

Inner Glow & Harmony

This cleanse is perfect for every season giving you that sunshine glow inside and out packed full of anti oxidents to boost your immune system flooding your body with essential vitamins and minerals to help repair and detoxify you from the inside out, walking the beauty way
“Inner Peace love & Harmony to all”

Green Goddess

This is our most advanced cleanse as it is an all green juice detox program with lots of super greens and powerful herbs to get deep into the cellular tissue, helping you release all that no longer serves you as you detoxify and recalibrate your system helping to rid those sugar cravings reduce inflammation and bring balance and harmony to your life “Unleash the god or goddess within”

Advanced Cleanse

We love our planet!

We are proud to offer all our meal prep in only bio degradable eco friendly and re usable packaging and glass bottles,  helping to reduce waste and reduce pollution to our beautiful planet

When you sign up for one of our meal plans you are agreeing to lovingly take care of our planet by returning all re usable packing and glass bottles in the cooler bag provided so we can reduce our carbon foot print and help the earth.

“A plant based feast

“Bringing balance to your life

“Hand selected meals

“Delicous Meals you ll love

“Plates full of love

“Helping you achieve optimum nutrition

“Plant Power

“Reyclable and Reusable Packaging

Support our CHARITY

We believe its important to support projects all over the world so Hi Vibe Nutrition now support the charity Giving Back and we gift 75% of all water bottle sales to this charity so every time you buy a bottle of hi vibe vortex water you are helping the children in africa get clean water and a school to study in

Giving It Back Community is an organisation that supports people in poverty to access real opportunities and education services that will empower children to access education and support. We are committed to working together to ensure those who lack access to education and future prospects build life skills that will ensure they have a brighter future.

Our charity provides opportunities for those in business and the wider community to work together for the benefit of people who otherwise, would lack opportunities to learn skills and find a way out of poverty. By building sustainable eco-villages we offer education to those who ordinarily would not be able to afford to attend school.

Our programme of work is entirely led by volunteers, every penny donated is spent on the projects we deliver and build.

We value the contribution that businesses and members of the local community make in supporting our work and believe that together we work with children to maximise their potential.